• Endlessly pop bubbles!
  • Over 30 unique challenges
  • Fun and silly prize modes
  • Made by parents for our kids
  • Zero ads -- ever!
  • Learn shape and color identification
  • Fun for kids and adults!


In Freeplay mode, pop as many bubbles as you like and earn points for each bubble you pop. How many points can you get? Pop them fast enough to fill up the bubble meter and get a new set of shapes and colors to pop or take your time and enjoy the soothing sounds of popping bubbles.

Keep a look out for sparkling bubbles that contain a prize. Prizes include more points, shooting star mode, rainbow mode, and everyone's favorite -- fart mode!


Want more of a challenge? Hop on over to Challenge mode where there are over 30 unique challenges setup to test your bubble popping skills! Are you fast enough to get all three stars for each challenge? Challenge mode is a great tool for kids to learn to identify shapes, colors, and follow rules.

Made By Parents

As parents, we created Bubble Junior with our kids and your kids in mind. We think you and your kids will have just as much fun playing as we have.

Zero Ads

Nobody likes ads in their games and we're not different -- especially when it comes to games our kids play. We will never allow ads in Bubble Junior.

Identify Shapes and Colors

Bubble Junior uses different bubble shapes and bubble colors to help kids with shape and color identification. Challenge mode presents rules they must follow in order to complete the challenge. These rules are presented visually with colors, shapes, and numbers.

Fun Prize Modes

Shooting stars, rainbows and unicorns, and everyone's favorite -- fart mode! Look for special bubbles that contain presents. Open up the present to see what's inside!