Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to us at Adki Works. As parents ourselves, we guard our children’s privacy on a daily basis. We do not knowingly collect or track any personal information in Bubble Junior. There are no ads, analytics, or external links. To our knowledge, our game does not upload any information to any server or service. We simply want to make a fun game for kids and we hope you and your child enjoy our game.

Because Bubble Junior is offered on Apple’s App Store and Google's Google Play Store, we advise you to read and be familiar with their privacy policies.

Apple's Privacy Policy - Google's Privacy Policy

For Parents

Our website,, exists only to inform you of our game and of our privacy policy noted here. We also provide helpful contact links to get in touch with us either directly by email or on social media. When you access our website, information such as your IP address, browser version, and operating system are automatically logged for debugging purposes. We do not analyze or track your visits to our website for any purpose but to debug potential issues that would prevent the website from functioning properly. We do not knowingly include any analytics software or services that could be used to track you or your activity on our website.